Greatest Hits of 2018

Feeling a little LT FOMO?

This past year has flown by and, if you are anything like me, you might have missed an email or two.

Never fear! We have compiled LifeTrekker's greatest hits of the year so you can close out 2018 without missing a beat. 

Top 10 Treks of 2018

1. Baggage Check: A 15-minute gut check to make sure the beef you have in your current relationship reflects a real conflict and not just baggage from your past.
2. Awestruck: A 15-minute moment to infuse your week with a little bit of awe and, if you are lucky, maybe some goosebumps.
3. Boundary Setting: A 15-minute exercise to identify your work and personal life deal-breakers so you can set the boundaries needed to avoid line-stepping on each.
4. Daily Lineup: A 20-minute exercise to see how your day-to-day activities can better support your big picture goals.
5. Setback Bounce Back: A 20-minute exercise to help you recover from a setback in a productive way so you can identify key learnings for next time.
6. Dream Team: A 20-minute exercise to help you better understand the dynamics that might be making it hard to work well as a team.
7. Envy Advantage: A 10-minute exercise to figure out how to turn your feelings of envy into your secret weapon.
8. Tiff Tamer: A 15-minute exercise for you and your partner to tame a cycle of tiffs by creating more room for appreciation in your relationship.
9. Embodiment Exercise: A 5-minute physiological observation exercise to gather insights about your body's biggest sources of stress. 
10. Feedback Champ: A 30-minute exercise to help you get better at receiving feedback so you can learn more about yourself and make the changes you need to grow 
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Shankar Desai