A Word From Our Trekkers...

" Life Trekkers is the only team I trust and turn to for help setting and achieving both my professional and personal growth goals. Through their recommended treks I am able to focus on and engage with the things that truly matter to me, and achieve success on my own terms. In a world full of constant distractions being able to do this is priceless. "

- Zainab Shah, Global Operations Strategy @ BuzzFeed

"A demanding job is hard enough without existential life questions nipping at my psyche. Life Trekkers helps me keeps things in perspective and, ultimately, brings back the feelings of excitement and endless possibilities I had as a child."

- Brian Winter, Growth @ Stripe

"The world is all too happy to keep moving on without you. What Life Trekkers has done is give me the tools to take some of that back, one small step at a time, each activity.  For this, I am grateful."

- Matt Eschert, Group Manager @ Google

"Not all who wander are lost. Mostly because they’re reading Life Trekkers."

 - Renee Park, People Ops @ Zillow

"In a fast paced environment, we often forget to reflect and recharge throughout our day. I love the Life Trekkers Newsletter because it creates space and structure in which to pause and be more mindful about our lives."

- Helaina Roman, Manager @ Google

"Life Trekkers is extremely beneficial to anybody who is curious about a possible career change or interested in personal growth and learning."

- Rebecca Bienstock, Partnerships @ Twitter

"If you are here, it is not because you wanted a relaxing pre/post work read. It is because you are the kind of person who is humbled by Knowledge, and has already committed yourself to More. You are a Believer in rolling up your sleeves and digging deep - into mind, body, soul - and Reflecting on where and how to best Invest your (ever-so-precious) Time. You want to Maximize, Optimize, and Realize your full potential."

- Lauren Mobyed, Development Manager @ Google


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