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Who We Are

Life Trekkers is a newsletter and community started by two Angelenos who wanted to help their friends, and themselves, make their mark on the world. 

We found ourselves surrounded by smart, determined people who were hopped up on productivity and focused on big careers. But, when it came to the big questions -- What’s my passion? How do I unlock creativity? How do I better understand myself? -- they, and we, were lost, even in the self-help aisle. 

So we started Life Trekkers to sort it all out. Each trek is designed to help you dig deep and do the work on yourself, your relationships, and your careers that’s required to make the big (or small) changes that will define your life. 

Our mission is to own the shit out of life. We do this so you can live bigger and pursue all the meaning your body can handle. 

How We Work

We never accept sponsorship, free materials, or compensation of any kind from any of the thought-leaders or publications referenced. Everything we put forward, we’ve discovered on our own and have tried ourselves.

Also, we have a strict no Denpok rule.