This week's trek is inspired by the research of Yale Professor, Dr. Laurie Santos, on the science of happiness.

How many gratitude-themed emails do you typically get the week of Thanksgiving?

Take that number and increase it by one. Because, no shame, this email is on that train.

I decided to risk dipping my toes into the sea of sameness this week because I was amazed to learn that Dr. Santos's extensive research has shown that one of the best things you can do to boost your personal sense of happiness is to 
take time to thank those that have been there for you. 

So I crafted a quick exercise to turn the countdown to Thanksgiving into an opportunity to count your blessings.

Introducing Your #Blessings Exercise

What It Is
A 20-minute exercise to show a little love for the people that have your back.

Why We Love It 
When we get busy we don't always take time to really acknowledge others for the amazing things they do for us. This exercise offers a chance to dedicate a few minutes this week to send some love to the people we depend on most. 

How It Works
A. Take 10 minutes to consider the following questions. Write down your response as well as the name of the person who comes to mind for each:
7. Who makes you laugh/smile?
6. Who is your biggest fan?
5. Who is the best boss you've ever had?
4. What's the kindest thing anyone's done for you?
3. What are the best qualities you learned from those that raised you?
2. Of the people you spend time with, who brings out your best qualities?
1. Describe an important teacher in your life - outside of school.

B. Take 1 minute at the beginning or end of your day each day this week to write a quick thank you note to each person you identified above. We recommend writing just 1-2 sentences but if you want to do more, go get 'em gunner! If the person you think of is no longer in your life or can't be reached, take a few minutes to hold space in your thoughts for them.

C. Have a blessed week!

Source: School of Life

Want to dig deeper? 
Here's what your fellow trekkers have to say about past treks:

"I really liked the Feedback Champ Trek. I found it particularly useful as I reflect on my areas of development, which can be difficult to accept and action. Instead of being nervous I'm choosing to be excited - increasing awareness of my triggers, keeping an open mind and focusing on constant improvement." 

Jared Zlotnick, Group Manager, Google Marketing Solutions
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