Give Props

This week’s trek is inspired by Nic Marks' research on what makes employees happy and organizations effective.

Ever been dogged by your team?

It can be totally deflating when you are working hard and getting the job done, but others don’t seem to care or notice.

On the flip side, when our contributions at work are acknowledged we
 feel more motivated and connected to our team.

Introducing Your Give Props Exercise

What It Is
A chance to give props to the people that make life better for you at work.

Why We Love It 
It's easy to assume that what is on your plate is all that matters without ever taking a minute to recognize all the people you depend on to get your shit done. This exercise lets you take a minute to acknowledge the hard hustle of others. 

How It Works
1. As you go through your workday, take note of all the people you interact with and the specific role they play in making things run smoothly. Who empties your trash can? Replenishes snacks? Sets the agenda for your meetings? Provides you with that helpful stat or article, so you can backup your argument?

2. Of the people in #1, take a moment to think about the contributions that you feel genuinely grateful for. Make a list of the 2-3 reasons why you are particularly thankful for their work/effort. 

3. Next time you see the person in #2, offer up a thank you and be specific about why what they do is so appreciated by you. If it feels appropriate and you are in a position to do so, send a note to this person's boss or supervisor to let them know what a positive impact their team member is having on you.

Want to dig deeper? 
  • For a three-minute inspiring TED talk on the power of saying thank you, check this out
  • For a summary of research that supports the importance of gratitude in the workplace, read this from FastCo.
  • For tips on how to give praise to others and mean it, read this.
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"Inspiration Reservoir was one of my favorite treks. It helped me understand the many sources of inspiration (many of which are in my own backyard) that I can draw upon when needing to unlock the right side of my brain."

-Liz Tverskoy, Account Manager @ Google
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