Inspiration Reservoir

This week’s trek is inspired by creativity guru, Julia Cameron. In her book, The Artist's Way, she proposes a playful approach to tapping into your greatest sources of inspiration to unlock creativity.

Want to fire up your imagination?

Cameron talks a lot about the importance of inducing your own sense of wonder to unlock creativity. By indulging in the places, sensations, and traditions that intrigue us, we can tap into new ideas and sources of inspiration. 

Introducing Your Inspiration Reservoir Exercise

What It Is
A date with your imagination to tap into your main sources of inspiration and bring about new ideas.

Why We Love It 
This exercise gets your creative juices flowing in a fun and playful way that is reminiscent of your primary school arts and crafts days. Oh, don't worry, we know your five-year-old self can't wait to wolf down a pint of paste....

How It Works

1. Take 10 minutes to consider the following 10 questions:

- What culture other than your own speaks to you?
- What age other than the one we're in resonates with your sensibilities?
- What foreign cuisine feels like home on your palate?
- What exotic smells give you a sense of expansion and well-being?
- What aspects of nature intrigue you?
- What spiritual tradition intrigues you beyond your own?
- What music from another culture plucks your heart strings?
- In another time period, what physical age do you see yourself being?
- In another culture or time, what is your gender?
- If you were to write a film, what age and time, what place and predicament, would you choose to explore?

2. Build a Pinterest board (here's how mine is coming along if you want a sneak peek) with images that correspond to your answers to each of the questions in #1 above. As you build the board, what themes, ideas and feelings arise?

Want to go deeper?
  • To learn more about what's going on in your brain when you feel inspired, check this out.
  • For a look at the creative rituals of some of the greatest minds, read this.
  • For some fun infographics on the daily patterns of famous creatives, read this.
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