Self Talk

This week’s trek is inspired by Dr. Steven C. Hayes' research on the role language plays in the field of psychology.

How much weight do you put on your self talk?

Most of us don't really notice our internal monologue, but Hayes' research has shown that what you say to yourself impacts your performance.

By bringing awareness to what you're thinking and saying to yourself, you can shift your focus towards language that reflects a more positive self-image.

Introducing Your Self Talk Exercise

What It Is
A way to become more aware of how you communicate with yourself.

Why We Love It 
The way we speak to ourselves is rooted in habit and doesn't always reflect our real potential. This exercise offers up a way to begin to identify some of our habitual self talk so we can be more intentional about how we speak to ourselves.

How It Works
1. Pick one day this week to keep a self-talk journal. Over the course of that day, write down the top 10 things you say to yourself, including the nice, not so nice, and neutral stuff. When you jot down what you've said, also write a quick note to help you remember what was happening when you said it. Here are a few examples from my own journal:

  • “You can do anything for 30 seconds,” I said to myself during the last round of burpees in my Orange Theory class. 
  • “Ugh, you idiot,” I said to myself when I had to reset a password I couldn't remember for the 100th time.

2. The day after, set aside 15 minutes to review what you wrote down. Which were positive? Neutral? Negative? In which situations did each tend to arise?

3. Now imagine two versions of yourself. One that uses mostly negative self-talk and one that uses mostly positive. Imagine each version of yourself in 10-15 years in future. Which version would you invest in? What do you think each version would accomplish? 

4. Assuming you'd put your cash money on the more positive version of self, take a minute to note what's happening in those moments. What are you doing? Who are you with? What's one thing you can do this week to encourage more positive self talk? 

Source: Shad Helmstetter

Want to dig deeper? 
Here's what your fellow trekkers have to say about past treks:

"The creative recovery trek was one of my favorites. It helped me push past my creative blocks. I love using it to clear my mind and reflect by rereading it at the end of the week."

-Dama Dipayana, Founder Be Frank
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