Life Goals

This week’s trek is inspired by Dr. Sim B. Sitkin's research at Duke on setting goals.

When was the last time something blew your mind?

If you fall into the gunner category, you're accustomed to regularly achieving the short-term accomplishments set for you at work. Even though all that #winning is great, sometimes our focus on work can overshadow the life goals we might want to set for ourselves.

According to Todd Henry from Accidental Creative, if we spend a little time imagining the things that would blow our minds if they happened, we can tap into deeper motivations that would best support our life goals. 

Introducing Your Life Goals Exercise

What It Is
A 20-minute exercise for dreaming big.

Why We Love It 
When we get super focused on the here and now we can lose sight of some of the bigger things that both inspire and motivate us. This exercise is a chance to dream big so you can identify some of your underlying motivations and set new stretch goals.

How It Works
1. Take 15 minutes to list out at least 20 things that would blow your mind (in a good way) if they happened. Try to list as many things as you can in the time allotted. If you get stuck, think across categories like relationships, family, fitness, health, career, fame, travel, investments, and ambitions. 

2. When you are done, take a look at your list and look for common themes or patterns across. Are relationships a big theme for you? How about status, wealth, work, or health? 

3. Given your response in #2, identify the patterns that reflect how you currently spend your time. Which patterns would you like to see more or less of?

4. Of the patterns you want to see more of pick 1-2 that you'd like to focus on within the next few years and take a few minutes to turn it into a stretch goal. Let's say health is the theme you selected -- you might consider setting the goal of running a marathon or climbing a mountain in the next year. The key is to pick something that isn't easily attainable and will push the boundaries of what you currently see as possible for yourself.

Source: AC

Want to dig deeper? 
Here's what your fellow trekkers have to say about past treks:

"I really liked the
Feedback Champ Trek. I found it particularly useful as I reflect on my areas of development, which can be difficult to accept and action. Instead of being nervous I'm choosing to be excited - increasing awareness of my triggers, keeping an open mind and focusing on constant improvement." 

Jared Zlotnick, Group Manager, Google Marketing Solutions
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