Leadership Triggers

This week's trek is inspired by Dr. Mitchel Adler's work on leading with self-awareness. Academics like Adler believe that "self-awareness, the skill of being aware of our thoughts, emotions, and values from moment to moment, is the starting point of leadership."

Are you guilty of throwing too much shade at work?

It happens to the best of us. Our teammates do something a little out of line and we find ourselves throwing shade to signify our disapproval. The problem occurs when we do this a few too many times and build a reputation for lacking self-awareness and being hard to work with.

Introducing Your Leadership Triggers Exercise

What It Is
An opportunity to explore your leadership triggers and the influence they have over others. 

Why We Love It 
We all have our pet-peeves at work and most are founded in what makes for a more efficient and productive workplace. However, if we let our emotional selves govern our reactions to these sticking points, we're creating a lot of energy that isn't so productive for ourselves and our teams. 

How It Works

1. Ask yourself what actions or behaviors of your team members make you angry or frustrated? What are the things they do that really push your buttons? Ex. showing up late for a meeting or dropping the ball on a deadline. 

2. Consider the physical reactions you have when these triggers occur. Do you squirm in your seat? Sigh loudly? Roll your eyes? Change the tone in your voice?
Consider the 'why' behind these physical reactions.

3. Next, consider how those physical reactions influence your team. What do they signal about how your team's behavior might need to change? Is there a better way you could communicate verbally or nonverbally with your team to encourage new behaviors?

4. Finally, consider what you do to cope after a long day of a lot of triggers. Do you exercise, go for a drink, or vent to your friends? Are there ways you can cope that might be more productive for you?

*Source: Mitchel Adler
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