What's Your Tutu?

This week's exercise is inspired by Bob and Linda Carey's Tutu Project. When confronted with his wife's cancer diagnosis Bob Carey put himself out there (literally, in a pink tutu) in order to connect with his wife and other women battling cancer.
Photo Credit: @ Bob Carey

Why is vulnerability so powerful? 

University of Houston Social Work Professor, Brené Brown, who focuses on the power of vulnerability, would argue that "in order for [human] connection to happen we have to allow ourselves to be really seen [by others]." 

Essentially, vulnerability is the precursor to our ability to deeply connect.

Introducing Your Tutu Exercise

What It Is
A 10 minute opportunity to explore your vulnerability.

Why We Love It 
As we become more and more seasoned at what we do and how we do it, our ability to succeed can overshadow the fundamental human quality of vulnerability. This exercise creates space to open up and make room for the uncertain parts of our life. 
How It Works
1. Take a moment to be inspired by this video about Bob Carey's Tutu project. 

2. Ask yourself: What's my tutu and how will I wear it? 

We're not saying you really need to wear a tutu (unless, of course, you want to). We are asking you to think about the things that make you feel vulnerable. Once you have identified those things, pick one that you want to explore further and create a situation to try on that vulnerability. For some that might be about signing up for a public speaking course or for others it might be about finding time to talk to your partner about your feelings.

3. After your tutu moment, ask yourself: How do I feel? What kind of connection was I able to make with myself or others? How can I create more space for vulnerability in my life?
Here are some on-topic threads to go deeper:
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