Music Meditation

This week's exercise is inspired by John Powell's research on the science of sound. Powell's work has revealed that music can "promote or suppress the release of chemicals" like adrenaline within your body. 

Can't get enough of a particular song?

Recent studies have shown that music doesn't just have the ability to create shared emotional experiences. It also stimulates brain regions associated with "movement, attention, planning, and memory."

Introducing Your Music Meditation

What It Is
A 10-minute opportunity to submerge yourself in sound.

Why We Love It 
Music is intimately integrated into our everyday experience but we rarely get opportunities to fully immerse ourselves in all of the sensations associated with sound.
How It Works
1. Grab your favorite pair of headphones and find a quiet spot. Even if you totally love your Jambox, trust us and go with headphones on this one.

2. Select a song. Songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Time, Superstition, and Feeling Good are some of our favs for this exercise!

3. Dedicate a full 3-6 minutes to listen to your song. Take in everything you hear and try to be fully aware of the sounds, sensations and feelings that arise. When the automatic voice in your head says something about the music, acknowledge it and let it go. Try to allow yourself to experience the music without labeling with words.

4. When you’ve completed your sound meditation, ask yourself: How do I feel? What new things did I hear that I never noticed before?
Here are a few more resources for further exploration: 
Shout. It. Out. To Angel Hu and Sanjay Krishnamurthy for their expertise in crafting this exercise. 
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"When I started envy advantage I didn't realize how much envy was sapping positive energy in my life. The easy exercise offered a moment for powerful reflection that would have otherwise been unattended to."
- Ian Manheimer, VP Strategy @ TCN
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