This week’s trek is inspired by James K. Harter's work on employee engagement. In his book, The Elements of Great Managing, he covers best practices from a range of leaders on how to boost employee engagement.

Have you ever had a horrible boss?

A bad manager can make work a major challenge. A recent Gallup study has shown that "managers account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement scores." Here's how to avoid becoming one of those bosses.

Introducing Your #BestBoss Exercise

What It Is
A 15-30 minute conversation with your direct reports or team members to better understand how they are feeling about their work and overall career journey. 

Why We Love It 
The best managers know how to build genuine relationships with their team members, but sometimes it can be challenging to find the right way to engage. This exercise provides a series of questions that can help you open up a more meaningful dialogue with your team.

How It Works
1.  Set aside 30-60min with each of your direct reports or team members and walk through these 5 questions courtesy of Inc:
- What do you like about your job?
- Could you describe a good day at work that you recently had?
- Do you feel your skills are being utilized to the fullest?
- Do you feel you get properly recognized for doing good work?
- Do you feel like you are treated with respect?

2. As they respond to each question, approach the conversation like you are just getting to know them. Ask open ended follow up questions and try to understand how they view their role at the company and how that fits into their broader career goals. 

3. At the end of the conversation, pick one thing that you can do immediately to support your team member in improving their work experience. Is there something about their job that they love that you can give them more of? Are there opportunities opening up for them to utilize more of their skill set? Is there something more you can do to recognize their contributions?

4. Once you've completed these chats with your entire team, take 10 minutes to reflect on what you heard. Were there any consistent patterns across the team? If so, what role might you be playing in contributing to those patterns and how might you behave differently to improve the overall team experience?

Source: Inc.

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