Wake-up Call

This week’s exercise is inspired by high performance and sports psychologist Michael Gervais. Gervais helps Olympians and CEOs reach optimal performance through mindset training and intention setting.

Are your workdays filled with a laundry list of requests and demands from others?

Our days often begin with countless obligations, making it hard to find time to focus on what you need. Gervais argues that starting your day like this is "just getting into the business of everybody else’s story.” 

Instead, he believes it is important to start your day with your story by setting a personal intention that helps you zero in on your main priorities for the day.

Introducing Your Wake-up Call Exercise

What It Is
A 2-3 minute way to start off your day with a micro-dose of intention setting.

Why We Love It 

It is so easy to jump out of bed and attend to emails, tweets and instas without ever giving your own needs a thought. This exercise grounds your initial waking moments in what your top priorities are for the day.

How It Works

1. When you wake up in the morning, stay in bed (yeeeeeas!).

Take one full deep breath by counting to six on your inhalation and exhalation. On your second breath, think of something you are grateful for today.

2. Then, set an intention for yourself for the day and ask: 
- How do I want to feel today?
- What will I focus on accomplishing today?
- What energy do I want to put out in the world today?

As you identify your intention take a few minutes to visualize it and picture yourself moving through your day with this intention in mind.

3. Move to the side of your bed and set your feet down on the floor. Take a minute to feel your feet settling on the ground beneath you before you stand up and get started with the rest of your day.

Source: Finding Mastery

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