Compassionate Commute

This week’s trek is inspired by the concept of Metta, which can be found in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions. Most popularly translated as "loving kindness," Metta has become a staple in many mindfulness practices. 

Do you feel crushed after your commute?

Whether you are trying to muscle your way through a jam-packed subway car or a road-rage filled highway, the daily commute can be a grind that produces feelings of anxiety and frustration towards others.

When we refocus our attention on developing feelings of goodwill and compassion towards others, though, we can make the commute work for rather than against us.

Introducing Your Compassionate Commute Exercise

What It Is
A way to rework the energy of your commute.

Why We Love It 
Commutes can leave us feeling super cranky but they don't have to. By putting a different kind of energy out into the world, we can make our commute an opportunity to re-center ourselves.

How It Works
1. As you head out for your daily commute, bring your attention to yourself and repeat a mantra (3-5 times usually works!) that offers up a little self love. Consider phrases like:
- May I arrive safely and at ease.
- May I be happy and at peace.

2. Next, take note of your surroundings. Is the school bus in the nearby lane filled with chatty kids? Does the guy sitting next to you have an awesome dog? Is the car behind you following a little too close?

3. Select one of the things you've noted -- the bustling school bus, the awesome dog, the tailgater -- and choose a mantra to send those people/animals some loving kindness. Consider phrases like:
- May they (i.e., the kids) be happy. May they be safe and free from injury.
- May you (i.e., dog walker) be at peace. May you (i.e., dog) feel safe and loved.
- May you (i.e., tailgater) be free of anger and anxiety. 

4. Once you have arrived at your destination, take note of how you feel. What new things did you notice about your daily commute? What new feelings did you experience? How might you create space for more compassion for yourself and others?

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